Beat Delivery: Our FREE Sample Pack Offering


Introducing BEAT DELIVERY, our monthly offering of free sample packs

A concept we've been dreaming up for a fair few months now, it's a place where producers can interact, communicate, share ideas and gain inspiration from the work of others. 




We're now 14 samples pack deep!! Check the link below and get downloading those free sample packs today! 👇




So, How does it work?

Each month we send out a batch of FREE sample packs from our favourite collections.  Delivered straight to your inbox, we want these free sample packs to inspire, motivate and lead to more music being made. 


Touch Loops Free Sample Packs
Every month you'll receive samples from different genres and styles that range from Hip-Hop to techno, live jazz piano to processed vocals. 

Tell Me More About These Free Samples

Showcasing the true 'Touch Loops sound', we dig through our favourite, often best selling sample packs and group the sounds together. 

Each one of the free samples will have been expertly mixed meaning it's mix ready and primed to be dropped into your sampler or DAW! Then what? 


Touch Loops Discord

This is where we need your help! 👐

We've been looking for a home for this and we've decided to get involved with Discord. 

It's still in the early days but if you want to become an early adaptor, our Discord lives here 👉


Free Samples_TouchLoops Discord


Future Plans

We've been working hard behind the scenes to start organising some amazing collaborations. These will include prizes for the best tracks made using our free samples, one off treats and so much more - watch this space! 


For now though, don't forget to grab some free sample packs from us and get creating.  You'll automatically be added to the Beat Delivery Mailing list so sit back and enjoy it! 


Lastly, thank you! Without the community we wouldn't be doing what we love!  ❤️