Inside Sounds: Ethereal Harmonies


Understanding what exactly goes into a sample pack can be a tricky business but worry not: Rich from the team recently sat down with the demo session from our Ethereal Harmonies sample pack to show just how incredibly the sounds truly are. 

From the lush, raw female vocal loops to the stunning abstract processing and granular tweaks, it's all on show. 


Check The Full Pack and our other vocal sample packs.


The video below covers the packs use of harmony and lead phrases, a detailed insight into the clean and processed folders but a few tips and tricks used in the creation of the demo. 




Multi-Band Compression

Multi-band compression can be a little tricky but the role it can play can be very simple.

In the example below, Rich has added one band in the low mid / bass area (80-250hz).

The 'Threshold' is then set to the desired level.

What we're trying to achieve is a threshold level that triggers the compression when the build up of low mids get too high.  When this level is met, the compression kicks in and turns down that low mid band controlling the level.



Well, this technique is often more effective than EQ as for a large portion of the sample the low mids are fine, so we're only actively affecting them when things get too muddy.


Like the sound of the pack?!  Check it out HERE