Creating The Sounds of Jon Hopkins: Part II

In Part II of our 'Creating The Sounds of Jon Hopkins' series, Stu digs into the world of synthesis, pads, atmospheres and using FX to shape your sound showcasing how to make Pads In Ableton Live.

As shown in the video, that combination of processed organic elements against the more digital components are what gives Jon Hopkins' music its energy & soul. 




Jon Hopkins is renowned for building beautiful atmospheres that juxtapose the driving analog rhythms.  To accompany the video we've created a more in depth look at how to create pads from vocal samples.

We've thrown in a bespoke Ableton FX rack, the vocal samples used in the video as well as driving techno drum loop, inspired by Jon himself. 




If you're feeling like a refresher, click to start the process of learning to create the sounds of Jon Hopkins.  👈


If you're a new producer and feel you've grabbed the basics of making pads in Ableton Live, we've create a huge batch of Ableton specific content that can really lift your technique.  

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