Adding Loops To Logic Pro X

Adding loops to Logic Pro X can sometimes seem confusing and a little tricky but worry not, we’re here to help.

Ryan recently had a dig around this great DAW to find the swiftest and easiest ways to navigate and organise your samples for maximum efficiency.  So, let's begin with the browser section (Shortcut F).


Browser Window (Shortcut F)

This thing really is your friend and for me, the best way to navigate to my sounds.

First, I create a folder on my hard drive that includes the following two folders:

  1. ‘Full Packs’ – This is where I drag in new packs I’ve purchased or downloaded.
  2. ‘Favourites’ – This is where I’m going to create my own unique sample pack that includes my favourites drums, kicks, synths, bass etc etc.


Adding Loops To Logic Pro X_FileStructure


Now this may seem a touch tedious but a little organisation pre session can mean you’ll never lose your flow when writing.  There’s nothing that can kill a vibe like trying to find a sample or not understanding where your sounds are.


Did you know that we provide a selection of free samples? No? Click HERE to grab some free sample packs!


Navigate to Logic X

Click The Browser Icon in the top right or (Shortcut F) to bring up the browser window.  In this section you can drag your newly created folders from your desktop into the browser to create a short cut that allows for sample auditioning.


Adding Loops To Logic Pro X_Media Bay


Auditioning Sounds

Once you click on each folder you'll notice that Logic shows the sounds held within at the bottom of the browser - this is where you can check out your sounds.


Adding Loops To Logic Pro X_AudioPlayer


Drag & Drop

The samples can now be dragged and dropped into your track.

Note: Dragging an audio sample into the empty arrangement window will automatically create an audio channel for you – a great feature.


All Files

The next tab along (Next to Media) allows you to navigate all files on your computer.   Although useful, I personally find this harder to audition sounds as it forces you to navigate deeper into the folder structure.  Again, this area allows for 'Dragging & Dropping' into the arrangement window.


Adding Loops To Logic Pro X_AllFiles


Drag in From Browser

Something of a slow method but Logic allows you to drag and drop your samples straight from your desktop or Hard Drive into your session.  Quick and easy but not great for auditioning sounds.


So there it is, an easy solution to get you up and running with your samples.


The Touch Loops team.