Introducing: BEAT DELIVERY

Introducing: BEAT DELIVERY
March 27, 2020 Touch Loops



Hey guys, so.. Introducing: BEAT DELIVERY.  A concept we’ve been dreaming up for a fair few months now.  A place where producers can interact, communicate, share ideas and gain inspiration from the work of others.  What more, each month the top 3 producers will win a prize.  From records cut to vinyl to 1 on 1 lessons, free samples and beyond, the main emphasis is collaboration and family.



How It Works

  1. Each month we’ll deliver 50+ new sounds straight to your inbox.  
  2. Using the samples, create a beat, track or sketch and either share it with us, tag us on instagram or send us a Soundcloud link. 
  3. We’ll then share the best 3 and let you guys decide which one is the winner. 
  4. The top 3 will always get a prize. 


Last Entry: APRIL 27th 2020


Week 1: 

To kick things off we’ve selected 50 of the finest samples from the Touch Loops back catalogue.  These include flute samples, drum loops of all tempos, key, synths, instruments and one shots. 

So, download the samples, get creating and start tagging us with your beats and tracks and use the hashtag #TouchBeats



As previously mentioned each month we’ll be giving away prizes for the top 3 tracks.  The winner will be decided by you guys not us (more on that to come). 

1st – Your best 2 tracks cut to vinyl + 20 Free Touch Loops Packs 
2nd – 10 free Touch Loops sample packs 
3rd – 5 Free Touch Loops packs


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