Rap Instrumentals Bundle

Rap Instrumentals Bundle


Touch Loops
Rap Instrumentals
Touch Loops Rap Instrumentals


1.43 Gb
One Shots: 
75-160 Bpm
Styles – 
Analog Synth Loops, Hip-Hop Drums, Trap Beats, warped Textures, Lo-Fi Influences

Packs – Jupiter Blues, LA Beats, True Lo-Fi, Vintage Synths & LA Drum Tools

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Refined Hip-Hop Instrumental Loops

The sound of hip-hop has changed. From the original boom bap MPC days to the introduction of the 808 and trap, Hip-Hop is always at forefront of all things music.
Introducing the Touch Loops Rap Instrumentals bundle. Showcasing the new sound, with over 650+ loops, 1.43gb of content and nothing but the finest, most authentic sample content available today.

Indulge In the New Wave Of Hip-Hop Tones

Beautifully combining musicality with drum weight and sub pressure, each loop has been analog processed, mixed in house and ready to slot in your DAW of choice. From the soaring lead synth lines to the off kilter lo-fi processing, chorus driving melodies and perfectly tuned drum samples inspiration is just a click away.

Download over 650+ Loops & Samples

Taking inspiration from the industries finest including Tyler, James Blake, Mac Miller and more – this eclectic selection combine beat maker history with a keen ear for musicianship, a combination of elements we’ve been sure to pack inside this stunning bundle.

So, if you’re looking to develop your sound and explore the new tones of hip-hop then this is for you. Over 1.4gb of quality and with savings of 50% it’s the perfect selection.