NYC Rhythms

NYC Rhythms


Touch Loops
Live House Loops
Touch Loops Live House Loops


120-130 Bpm
Styles – 
Inspired by the early house and disco sounds from studio 54, Paradise Garage & Larry Levan.  Live House Loops, live top loops and incredible drum fills – all tracked and mixed to tape.

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Download The Finest Live House Loops

Inspired by the timeless sounds of Studio 54, NYC Rhythms showcases the finest in live session drumming. Featuring the skills of session beast Gillian Mclaughlin, you’ll find the finest live top loops, live disco samples, iconic 4×4 rhythms, live percussion work and so much more. This is a producer MUST HAVE.

Iconic Live House Loops & 4×4 Selections

Coming in at a might 167 loops, each one has been expertly mixed in house utilizing a few choice pieces of analog hardware including vintage compressors, EQ and tape. Paying homage to the classic disco tones of Studio54, this iconic club would become crucial in shaping the sound of house and disco, making it must have inspiration for this pack.

Inside you’ll find rolling 4×4 grooves perfect for house & disco, live top loops, vintage drum fills, broken beat patterns, patterns in both straight and shuffle grooves, straight house beats and so much more.

Studio54 Inspired Live Disco Samples

As with all of Gills collections, you just know these beats are going to knock and roll. Perfectly swung, expertly performed and non stop vibes – you guys are gonna love these!