Free MIDI Loops

Free MIDI Loops


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Free MIDI Loops
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MIDI: 20
Loops: 20
 – MIDI Loops and Samples for Rhodes and piano.  Soulful loops perfect for Hip-Hop & More.


Free MIDI Loops

The classic sound of a Fender Rhodes is both timeless and beautiful. It’s this iconic sound that has graced so many great records from the 70’s to modern day.

Because of this we wanted to give away 20 amazing Rhodes loops for you and what more, we’ve included 20 FREE MIDI loops also.

Download Soulful Rhodes Samples

Ensuring maximum flexibility, we’ve included MIDI loops for all the samples giving you the chance to get stuck in, change the tempo and easily shift the key.

Finally, a huge thanks for the support. We can’t wait to check what you create with these.