Expansive Techno

Expansive Techno


Touch Loops
Expansive Techno
Touch Loops Expansive Techno


Size: 648.9mb
Pack: Loops: 177 & One Shots: 93
Instruments – Jon Hopkins inspired Techno Music Loops.  Analogue Synths, Techno Drums, Pads & ambiences.
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Immersive Techno Music Samples

Expansive, immersive and straight up inspiring. Explore the more melodic side of techno and electronica from the soaring lead lines to gritty, foley driven beats these impeccably well produced techno music loops will enhance your productions and offer a more emotive side to this incredibly inspiring genre.

Beautifully Textured Pads & Ambience

Inspired by the likes of Jon Hopkins, Erased Tapes and Rival Consoles this groundbreaking batch of texture driven analogue samples are exactly what your sample library has been crying out for. Think otherworldly, super stereo pads and ambiences, foley manipulated granular top loops, rolling analogue sub bass lines, wave table heavy synth leads and so much more. The attention to detail in both the location recordings and the editing is clear for all to see – incredible stuff.

Granular Vocal Processing

Digging deeper you’ll find an delicate collection of ethereal piano loops that compliment the heavenly synth and vocal pads plus, there’s the usual incredible batch of 90+ Drum One Shots.

So, if you’re looking to add a more expansive and beautiful element to your techno then this ones for you. An ethereal stunner!