Euphoric Memory

Euphoric Memory

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Inside The Pack

Size: 530.4 MB

Loops: 146

Tempos: 110 - 139 BPM

Folders: Arps, Bass, Beats, Pads/Organics, Perc, Synths, Tops, Vox

Styles: Emotional & Melodic House pack. Wonky synths, washed-out vox & chunky/ textured beats! 

Melodic House Loops

Inspired by the iconic tones of Ross From Friends, Euphoric Memory is an emotional collection of discovery & melody. Shaped into a beautiful collection of loops coming in 500MB+, here is the pack you need for the euphoric house sound.


Classic & Modern Samples

Packed with tape-driven Synths, ethereal & chopped vox, plucky bass lines, analog arps, breathtaking pads & organics & endless emotion. Euphoric Memory weaves together classic house sounds & techniques with modern, leftfield production styles.


Royalty-Free House Selections

This pack is primed with content that's just at home in a packed club or an easy-going sunrise set. In any scenario, it'll give your production the sounds you need to get bodies moving. And as always, 100% Royalty-Free.