Abstract Rhythms

Abstract Rhythms


Touch Loops
Abstract Rhythms
Touch Loops Abstract Rhythms


Loops: 184
One Shots: 113
Tempos: 105-125 bpm
Styles – Techno inspired percussion loops, ambient, soundscapes


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Techno Tinged Percussion Sample Pack.

Presenting Abstract Rhythms. Designed to enhance your productions and compliment your rhythmical work this beautifully crafted percussion sample pack solves an issue that so many of us face today; how to ensure your beats roll.

Filling in gaps between simple kick patterns, snares and top end percussion, this truly unique and incredibly useful sample collection of off beat tom patterns, organic hits and loops, side chained noises & texture based ambiences will perfectly sit between your grooves and ensure even the most simple of patterns contain movement, style, originality and shuffle.

Add A Unique Texture to Your Sound.

Tucked inside this inspiring collection of percussion loops and one shots you’ll find techno inspired side-chained noise ambiences, rolling low-end percussion, off beat hits, four to the floor complimenting grooves and no end of abstract textures and foley ideal for enhancing any groove irrelevant of style. We’ve also mixed and mastered each loop with it’s purpose fully in mind, to compliment your grooves and not clash with any kick frequencies or patterns.

Processed Location Sounds & Foley.

Each loop is presented in both a stereo and mono version to accommodate even the busiest of beats plus we’ve also included a bespoke collection of one shots that include a set of ‘Chromatic Sub Kicks’ tuned for laying under kick patterns and grooves. An incredibly inspiring collection that takes pride and place as number One in our Elements series and guarantees to offer no end of movement to your favourite beats.