Ambient Textures

Ambient Textures


Touch Loops
Ambient Textures
Touch Loops Ambient Textures


Size: 600mb
Loops: 199
Midi: 173
Tempos: 110-120 bpm
Styles – Ambient, Soundscapes, Textures, Pads
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Detailed Ambient Loops

When composing we all know how difficult it can be to build and develop pads that twist, evolve and develop into an awe inspiring landscape of modulation and emotion.  With this in mind, we present to you Ambient Textures. A collection of rich, evocative ambient loops ready to be explored.

Lush Textures & Soundscapes

Each folder is bursting with melodic and atonal ambience samples perfect for adding a sense of calm, clarity and depth to your genre of choice.  Whether you choose to aggressively chain or let them breath, this collection of pad samples will perfect fit between the beats, filling the gaps in your composition and allow the track to breath and evolve.

Nestled inside you’ll find heavy ambient loops and samples, expansive drones, processed field recordings perfect for side-chaining and warm synth progressions.  Each loops has also been kissed with that classic Touch Loops outboard processing ensuring nothing but warmth and evolution within each loop or sample.

Evolving Pads & FX

Whether you make dubstep, ambience, electronica or beyond, this beautiful collection of ambience samples will make your music stand out from the crowd showcasing an organic side to your stunning productions.