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Ambient Dub

Ambient Dub


Ambient Dub
TouchLoops Ambient Dub


Size: 517.3Mb
Loops: 204
One Shots: 102


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In a world of throw away music and uninspired grooves, the need for thought provoking sounds has never been more crucial. Utilizing our love for sub-sonic vibrations, Ambient Dub is our debut bespoke dubstep sample pack that demands to be absorbed, explored and embraced. From FX driven dub techno stabs to system gripping sub- bass movements, this collection is the perfect anti-dote to soulless, dry or sterile productions.

Referencing the dubstep greats of Mala, Digital Mystikz and all label friends of DMZ our producer of choice FLO has laid it all on the line in this most personal of collections. His love for dub, garage and ambience is clear from the first listen and provides a truly unique insight into a producer who lives for groove, soul and rhythm.

Nestled inside this expansive collection you’ll find shuffling garage loops, inspirational Dubstep sub work, thought provoking ambient landscapes, intricate organic percussion layers, harmonic chord progressions and as always a collection of the finest polished one shots that your sampler could ever need.