• Pads From Vocal Samples_Main

    Creating Pads From Vocals In Ableton Live

    In the second part of our 4 part ‘Creating The Sounds of Jon Hopkins’ series, we…

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  • Pads in Ableton Live_Part2

    Creating The Sounds of Jon Hopkins: Part II

    In Part II of our ‘Creating The Sounds of Jon Hopkins’ series, Stu digs into the…

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  • CreatingTheSoudsOfJonHopkins_BlogMain

    Creating The Sounds Of Jon Hopkins In Ableton Live

    The sounds of Jon Hopkins have always set the standards for combining beautifully melodic elements with…

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  • Gear Spotlight: Fender Rhodes

    Find out what makes the Fender Rhodes an instant classic that inspired everynoe from J Dilla to Herbie Hancock.

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  • How To Mix Using Guitar Pedals

    Intro Mixing with guitar pedals can be a great, and often cheap way to add some…

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  • How To Beef Up Your Drum Loops

    Have you ever downloaded the perfect drum loop but found is just doesn’t contain the right…

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