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  • Behind The Beats: Jazz Keys

    With the releases of our Jazz keys collection, we decided to sit down with creator Jakob…

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  • Top 10 Mix Tips

    Mixing and production can be a tricky business with numerous moving parts and things to consider. …

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  • StereoWidthBlog_MainImage

    Touch Loops | Mix Tips: Adding Stereo Width To Your Mixes

      With so many tools, options, play back mediums and contradicting advice out there it’s often…

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  • Touch Loops | Get That Sound: Analogue Production Tips

    The word analogue get’s thrown around more and more but what does it actually mean? Do…

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  • Techno Drums Blog

    Touchloops | Techno 101: Drums

    Techno 101: Techno Drums With the eve of the 9/09 i.e 909 day what better way…

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  • Lo-Fi Blog

    Touchloops | Lo-Fi Production Tips

    Exploring The Lo-Fi In a world of digital sounds, perfect audio and zero imperfections, many producers…

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