• FairGame_Samples

    Fair Game X Touch Loops

    We recently sat down with Fair Game to chat about his love of live instruments, manipulating…

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  • Creating The Sounds Of James Blake | Part 02

    Introduction In our latest James Blake tutorial, Stu digs deep into more techniques that he uses…

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  • Remix Competition_Main

    Touch Loops x Beatlab Competition

    Overview Introducing the latest addition of our Beat Delivery remix series.  As always we’re sending out…

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  • How To Make Music Like James Blake_BlogMain

    Creating The Sounds of James Blake | Part 01

    Introduction Introducing the latest in our ‘Creating The Sounds Of’ series.  In this article we’re going…

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  • DAW Sound Analog_MainBlog

    Make Your DAW Sound Analog

    Introduction In this article we’re going to explore the techniques used in making your DAW sound…

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  • 80's Synth Sample Packs_80sBlog

    Alt 80’s & The Samples It Inspired

    Introduction Introducing our latest playlist, ‘The Alternative 80’s’. Our personal highlights from the era of post-punk,…

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